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Nfu Oh 45

29 Jun

Hi guys! I just have a quick post today to show you some flakies!

Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya Shawn

This is one generous coat of Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya Shawn, I tried layering this over different colors and in the end I liked it over Shawn the most. The flakies are mostly orange, but flash green from certain angles.

Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya Shawn

Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya Shawn

Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya Shawn

Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya Shawn

Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya Shawn

Nfu Oh flakies are some of my favorites, I love the bright orange in this one! Sadly, the flakie line is being discontinued so if you want any, now is the time to get them. I bought mine from Fabulous Street a while ago and they still have them available.

Thanks for looking! :)

Holo Comparisons

13 Oct

I’ve been waiting for the sun to come out so I can take these pictures. It finally did, so here are some quick comparisons between the Color Club Halo Hues with some other holographic polishes in my stash.

1. Layla Jade Groove – 2 coats
2. Color Club Angel Kiss – 1 coat
3. Nfu Oh 66 – 1 coat
4. Butter London Trustafarian – 1 coat

5. Nfu Oh 63 – 1 coat
6. Color Club Cloud Nine – 1 coat
7. Glitter Gal Frappe – 2 coats
8. Color Club Halo-graphic – 1 coat

8. Color Club Halo-graphic – 1 coat
9. Nfu Oh 64 – 1 coat
10. Nfu Oh 63 – 1 coat
11. Color Club Halo-graphic – 1 coat

12. Color Club Blue Heaven – 1 coat
13. Nfu Oh 65 – 1 coat
14. Glitter Gal Blue – 2 coats
15. Layla Ocean Rush – 1 coat

16. OPI DS Coronation – 2 coats
17. Color Club Harp On It – 1 coat
18. Color Club Worth The Risque – 2 coats

I hope these are a bit helpful if you are still thinking about getting the Color Club holos. They did have the best application out of all these, but the shades are very similar to the other colors out there. I really love holos so I’m glad to have all of these though! :D

Polish Days: Jelly Sandwich

3 Jul

Hello! Today I have a Polish Days post, basically this is when a group of bloggers posts a theme mani on the same day, for more information visit

The theme for today is Jelly Sandwich, and at first I was happy about it because I recently got several jellies but then I ran into a problem: I couldn’t choose which one to use! So I thought the best thing to do was Skittle Jelly Sandwiches!

Nfu Oh Jelly Sandwiches

Aren’t these cute?? I love this look, they remind me of funfetti cake and candies!
From index to pinky: Nfu Oh JS12, JS09, JS16, JS23.
I did two coats of the Nfu Oh jellies, one coat of Claire’s Bedazzled and another coat of the jellies. I finished everything off with one thick coat of NYC GCS. I love how they look soft but still very colorful!
The red was the most sheer, but they all applied nicely and dried glossy and squishy looking :)

Nfu Oh Jelly Sandwiches

Nfu Oh Jelly Sandwiches

And then just for fun, I added one coat of Essie Matte About You.

Nfu Oh Jelly Sandwiches

They look like frosted glass! ♥♥♥
I can’t decide which version I like more, I’m just in love with jelly sandwiches now!

Thanks for looking! :)

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Blue Jelly Comparison

26 Jun

Good morning! Yesterday I showed you China Glaze Ride The Waves, and while wearing it I wondered how close it was to another blue jelly OPI Dating A Royal so I did a quick comparison including two other blues.

China Glaze Ride The Waves, Nfu Oh JS32, OPI Dating A Royal and Revlon Royal

Index: China Glaze Ride The Waves, three coats.
Middle: Nfu Oh JS32, six coats.
Ring: OPI Dating A Royal, three coats.
Pinky: Revlon Royal, three coats.

All of them had some visible nail line, although almost invisible in person for the two “Royals.” The JS32 was the most sheer of all, the color is also more green than the others, I’m holding the Nfu Oh bottle which shows as a darker blue. The OPI seemed to be the the most opaque, it’s more like a creme/jelly mix. I had read that Royal’s formula wasn’t good but I had no problems with mine, it went on very easily.

China Glaze Ride The Waves, Nfu Oh JS32, OPI Dating A Royal and Revlon Royal

China Glaze Ride The Waves, Nfu Oh JS32, OPI Dating A Royal and Revlon Royal

China Glaze Ride The Waves, Nfu Oh JS32, OPI Dating A Royal and Revlon Royal

I’m glad to see none of these are dupes, the Nfu Oh doesn’t even compare in color to the other ones. The closest in colors would be Ride The Waves and Dating A Royal, Revlon Royal just looks much brighter. Love them all though! :)

Essie Borrowed & Blue with Nfu Oh 53

22 Jun

I recently placed an order for my first Nfu-Oh polishes! I bought them from Fabulous Street and they arrived quickly and well packed. They looked so cute lined up all together when I unpacked them, Nfu-Oh really have pretty bottles! After staring at them for a while, I decided to try a flakie first.

Essie Borrowed & Blue with Nfu-Oh 53

This two thin coats of Nfu-Oh 53 (why don’t these polishes have names!?), layered over Essie Borrowed & Blue. It didn’t turn out quite as nice as I hoped! Borrowed & Blue was hard to apply, the formula was thin, watery and streaky. I did two coats and there were some bald spots and it was just uneven, since I was going to put flakies in top I didn’t bother with a third coat.
I don’t know what’s up with those little black dots, I think they might be bubbles from my stupid thick top coat.

Essie Borrowed & Blue with Nfu-Oh 53

Essie Borrowed & Blue with Nfu-Oh 53

I’m not sure that Borrowed & Blue was the best base color to use, the flakies don’t seem to pop up much, in person I could see them flash pink though.
I do like the color that turned out when I layered these two polishes, very pretty shade of blue. Flakies are one of my favorite finishes (along with holos, and glass flecks!), so I know I’ll be trying these Nfu-Ohs over lots of different colors! Thanks for looking! :)

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