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31 DC – Inspired by a Game

23 Apr

It took me a while to decide on a game to use as inspiration for today’s nails. At first I was thinking about a video game, then I started thinking about board games, finally I thought about games I played as a kid (since I was also thinking about the inspired by your childhood challenge), and settled on Hopscotch.




I used Zoya Dove sponged with Kelly for the “ground”. I was going to use more pastel chalk-like colors, but then I remembered I got two Sephora by OPI Nail art pens in an exchange a while ago and thought it’d be easier to draw with them. I drew parts of the hopscotch layour on each nail and added two pieces of chalk on the pinky (not sure if it’s obvious that’s what they are though!).
Thanks for looking! :)

31 DC – Inspired by Nature

21 Apr

It’s time for the inspiration part of the 31 Day Challenge, and usually I’m not very good at “inspired by” challenges, but I’ll still try to come up with something for the next few days!
Today it’s supposed to be inspired by nature, so I just did some trees which is what I’ve seeing out on my yard, trees with a few loose leaves.




I started with a white base and then sponged on Zoya Blu and Breezi for the sky and Shawn for the grass and leaves. I wanted to stamp some trees but couldn’t find a good stamp for it so I just had to freehand them with a nail art brush and OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys.

Sally Hansen Lively Lilac with Flower Water Decals

23 Feb

Hi everybody! I hope everyone’s weekend is going well, we are supposed to get some rain and snow tonight and tomorrow but hopefully it won’t be too bad. I can’t tell you how much I want spring to get here already!
Speaking of spring, I did a quick flowery look with some water decals I got from KKCenterHK.


I wanted to match the colors of the decals so I started with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Lively Lilac and sponged the tips with Sally Hansen Lightening (whenever I need a yellow for nail art I pull out Lightening because it’s the only yellow creme I own!). I forgot to take a picture of the decal sheet before I cut them out, but here is the link to them: WDBLE210. You get twenty decals in a couple of different designs.



These look like pansies to me, but I’m not very good with flowers so I could be wrong! Either way, water decals are fun and easy to use, just dip in water, position them on your nails and seal with top coat. KKCenterHK has ton of different designs to choose from and you can get 10% off your order with the code susyincolor.

Thanks for looking! :)

Water decals were provided for review by KKCenterHK.

31DC – Pink

12 Feb

The challenge for today is pink, so it gave me the opportunity to try this gradient I’ve wanted to do for a while.


I started with Wet n Wild French White Creme to have a white base for the gradient. Then I put on four pieces of striping tape across my nails, and sponged the pink gradient with OPI Sparrow Me The Drama and China Glaze Rich & Famous. After the gradient was done, I added some hearts with a dotting tool and China Glaze Ahoy!



My hearts ended up getting a bit smudged but other that that I’m pretty happy with how this turned out! :)

Polish Days: Bling

4 Dec

Hello! I’m participating in Polish Days today, if you are not familiar with this event click here to find out more. The theme for today is Bling, so of course I had to use some glitter!

I had a couple of ideas so I just mixed them up for this blingy look. Here is the breakdown of what I did on each nail:
Index – Base color is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep and two coats of Shimmer Alice.
Middle – Base color is Wet n Wild Black Creme and then I added loose silver hex glitter.
Ring – I started with SH Silver Sweep again and then followed Nailed It tutorial for the diamond shape with WnW Black Creme.
Pinky – Base is Black Creme again sponged at the tips with Shimmer Alice.

The diamond is not perfect but not too bad for my first attempt and unsteady hands. Also, sorry about the state of my skin and cuticles, my hands got very beat up this past weekend. This was much more blingy in person, Alice has a very sparkly mix of silver and holo glitter, there are also some stars but I wasn’t looking to get any this time. The loose silver hexes were also holographic and flashed different colors under bright light.

I had fun creating this look, it has some of my favorite things like sparkles, silver and glitter! :D
Check out everyone else participating in Polish Days below, and many thanks to Hannah for organizing this!

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